SomBank corporate internet banking empowers you to fulfil all your banks needs, and it is all done online from anywhere and anytime. You can perform all of your transactions online, process the payroll, monitor expenses and trade transactions more efficiently.

This is a guaranteed approach to improve your business productivity by eliminating manual procedures and at the same time allowing you the freedom to make payments at any time and track your transactions at any step in detail.

SomBank Internet banking offers a variety of functions available by simply using your accounts details. Through these internet banking services, we can assure you fast, secure and convenience way of banking.


  • Restrict or specify users on the accessibility some of the functionality of your corporate account
  • Use all your banking needs on the corporate internet banking portal without visiting a branch
  • You can request to deactivate or active users
  • You can offer access rights for all users as per their role
  • Companies can see their account statements anytime and the balance of all their accounts
  • Corporates can offer preferred access to users for every account separately
  • Corporates can set the hierarchy for different levels of authorization
  • Corporates can set multiple users and rules for each level of authorization
  • Maker Checker Concept
  • Corporates can request for services like cheque book request, stop cheque request, cheque status request.
  • Corporates can monitor the status of their service requests in real time
  • Corporates can set Standing Instructions on their accounts, and can also schedule future date transactions.
  • Corporates can add multiple payee accounts under each payee name
  • Corporates can view payment reports